Blue Water Webinars from Grand Large Yachting

One of the reasons we love representing Grand Large Yachting is how forward-thinking they are. The Allures, Garcia, Outremer and Gunboat brands feature well thought-out and proven innovations. Customers respond to this, both with loyalty and enthusiasm.

Now, in this age of limited travel and in-person opportunities, Grand Large is tapping its friends in the community to create a webinar series focusing on various aspects of cruising. The initial seminars were in French, and were such a resounding success that they’ve scheduled several more in English. The great news here is that these are real experts, renown in their areas of expertise, and there is of course a certain international flare to each event. Whether or not you’re interested in one of the Grand Large Yachts, or just interested in serious cruising, it’s worth stopping in.

Here are the upcoming dates, subjects and experts (Note: All times are London time). Click on the each banner to register.

And for those of you who speak French, the first four webinars are online, available for viewing.:

Replay Webinaire grande croisière #1 “La grande croisière aujourd’hui”, par Jimmy Cornell :

Replay Webinaire grande croisière #2 “Médecine à bord et santé”, par Jean-Yves Chauve :

Replay Webinaire grande croisière #3 “Météo hauturière et routage”, par Christian Dumard :

Replay Webinaire grande croisière #4 “Réussir ses images de mer”, par Didier Ravon :

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