Why Swiftsure Yachts in the New Year?

In 2021 Swiftsure Yachts helped find new homes for nearly 100 boats!

The Swiftsure Yachts crew would like to thank all of the clients we worked with in the past year — you’re truly the ones that make this happen. Now more than ever before, we’re finding that our team approach, collective expertise and quality service are a recipe for success that benefits buyers and sellers alike.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new or used yacht or sell one that you already have, we’re here for you! Serving the west coast of the United States and British Columbia from San Francisco to Vancouver Island, our brokers have an intimate knowledge of the changing market conditions both locally and nationally. We also travel out of our home waters regularly to help customers find the right yacht for their sailing dreams.

Collectively, we put in thousands of miles at sea each year to give a real-world foundation to our knowledge of sailing, boat systems and yacht design.

Here are the hallmarks of our exceptional service:

  • High quality, thorough specifications and professional quality photos for her online listing, including photos under sail. See https://swiftsureyachts.com/listings-index/ for information on our current listings.
  • Print advertising in Cruising World, Latitude 38, 48° North and Pacific Yachting magazines. Your boat would be the “feature” listing with a half page devoted in one month’s ad shortly after listing.
  • 360° walk-through tours of each of our listings, like this example of Firefly, a Morris 45.
  • Our website www.swiftsureyachts.com with an active blog, social media and newsletter managed by an independent marine industry marketing specialist.
  • Yachtworld.com advertising of all our listings — this is the major MLS for the brokerage industry. Each of our listings features the “enhanced” package with a larger image and presence. For example: http://swiftsureyachts.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/yachtworldenhancedlisting.jpg
  • Monthly email newsletter to a database of over 3,000 subscribers. We have a very good open rate on these emails and what is considered to be an outstanding click rate — normally between 8 and 12%, which is fantastic when compared to these benchmark numbers.
  • ZOHO CRM database that allows us to keep track of activity with past clients and current listings.
  • Flagship Lake Union office in Seattle with 600 linear feet of brokerage moorage and a team of experienced sailors with extensive offshore cruising experience. Our brokers presence from the San Francisco Bay area to Sidney, BC enhances the visibility of your boat.

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