Renaming Ceremony

One of the frequently asked questions of a broker is “do I need to do a renaming ceremony?”

As with all sailor’s superstitions (e.g. not leaving for a voyage on a Friday, never allowing bananas onboard) there’s really no way to say for sure. Let’s just say that if you want to do everything you can to stay on Poseidon’s (Greek) or Neptune’s (Roman) good side, it’s worth the effort.

On a recent sale I brokered, a CMS 41 that sailed into the hands of some very enthusiastic new owners, renaming was at the top of the list. After all, like so many other sailors we work with, they are planning on the Big Trip in the coming years.

Like everything these days, there were several sets of online instructions. In lieu of finding a virgin to pee off the bow (apparently that would help matters, and they said a broker would suffice. I didn’t volunteer, however) they invited about a dozen friends to Shilshole Bay Marina to witness several readings and sacrificial cups of wine dumped into the water to appease the East, West, North and South wind gods.

Apparently it was all done correctly as no sea monsters leapt out of the water to eat guests or sink boats.

I felt privileged to be a witness. Sand Dollar had had a wonderful run. It is now Pearl‘s time.

(As a side note, my own boats have always retained the names they came to me with. Not that I’m superstitious or anything. However, if I ever end up with a boat that’s named something like Mom’s Mink or Wet Dream I’ll be pouring wine over the side too.


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