Swiftsure clients living the dream in Alaska

Swifture Yachts’ clients sure are living it up in Southeast Alaska this summer! We’ve received numerous emails with amazing images of gorgeous anchorages and stunning glaciers from “The Last Frontier”. By all accounts, it has been a particularly good weather year throughout Alaska and our customers are certainly taking advantage, or as they say, “Living the dream up here in Alaska!” Check out all their pictures below.

Outbound 46 “Malaika” soaking in glacier views.
Hallberg-Rassy 53 “Avalon”
“Avalon” and the Taswell 43 “Dark Star”

Grand Soleil 39 “Yahtzee” and Garcia Exploration 45 “Arctic Monkey” rafted in Kidney Cove near Sitka.

Yahtzee and Arctic Monkey, or as they call their rafted boats, “Yahtzee Monkey”.
The human starfish of Arctic Monkey and Yahtzee.

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