Allures 45.9 “Chinook” launches in Cherbourg, heads for the Med

A big congratulations to Calgarians Charlie & Kathie Spence on the delivery of their new Allures 45.9 Chinook. Swiftsure team members Pete McGonagle & Kevin Bray spent launch day in Cherbourg inspecting the boat and getting her ready for sea trials. Chinook is the culmination of many years of planning for the Spence’s.  She will be tested for two weeks in the waters off Cherbourg before heading for the Seine River. Kevin will then help step their mast in Rouen and Chinook will then navigate up the Seine, through Paris, and further to the canals connecting to the Rhone River where they’ll descend to the Mediterranean Sea.  The mast will be delivered in Port Napoleon and this canal boat will become a sailboat again. Plans are to cruise the Med until the Atlantic Ocean and other destinations beckon.

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