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click here Allures 39.9: 

The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specifications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators, this vessel brings together all the characteristics of a genuine blue water yacht. amoxicillin OTC Designer: Racoupeau Yacht Design
azithromycin over the counter buy now Hull Length:  41.5′
Waterline:  36.88′
Beam:  13.62′
Draft:  9.02’/3.48′
Displacement: 10.9 tons
Ballast: 4.2 tons
Engine:  Volvo Penta D2-55 55hp diesel
Diesel Tank: 87 gallons
Water tank: 92 gallons

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Allures 45.9

The newest model from Allures Yachting featuring a traditional centerboard or optional lifting keel.

Designer: Racoupeau Yacht Design
Hull Length:  48.39′
Waterline: 44.94′
Beam:  14.53′
Draft:  9.51’/3.48′
Displacement: 12.6 tons
Ballast: 4.78 tons
Engine:  Volvo Penta D2-55 55hp diesel
Diesel Tank: 165 gallons
Water tank: 110 gallons

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Allures 52: 

Allures 52


The Allures 52 is a yacht for true long-distance cruising. This new model, easy to maneuver and featuring a lifting keel and aluminium hull, the fruits of the unique know-how and experience acquired by the shipyard over the last 10 years, has been developed for and by yachtsmen.

Designer: Racoupeau Yacht Design
Hull Length:  52.82′
Beam:  15.09′
Draft:  10.17’/4.035′
Displacement: 16.9 tons
Engine:  Volvo Penta D2-75 75hp diesel engine
Diesel Tank: 198 gallons
Water tank: 198 gallons


High Performance Offshore Passagemakers

Swiftsure Yachts is thrilled to be the U.S. distributor for the Allures Yachting line of high performance offshore passagemakers. These sailing yachts, with three models, 39.9, 45, and 52 are French-built aluminum-hulled beauties, capable of taking you and your family around the world or across the bay in style, safety, and comfort.

Tired of Compromises?

Sailors talk a lot about compromises. We compromise performance for stowage capacity and speed for a more kindly motion underway. We compromise upwind sailing capabilities for a more cruising friendly draft. We compromise a strong metal hull for the availability of fiberglass. We compromise size for affordability and good looks for functionality. The trouble is, in a compromise, we lose something important to us. And sailors don’t like to lose.

The No Compromise Vessel

The Allures line may be the first no-compromise yacht for serious blue water sailors. Here is a line of performance sailing yachts that requires no compromises. It’s all in the package: strength, performance, storage, affordability, accommodation – plus a fair amount of sex appeal.

Safety, Power, and Elegance

Three words that help to summarize the design and execution of the Allures Yachting line. Below we’ve detailed many of the features that serve to bring those adjectives together into the picture of a modern, ocean-going yacht.

Strength & Safety

  • Strong yet lightweight rounded aluminum hull.
  • Watertight bulkheads enhance safety.
  • Well thought out layout with handholds throughout
  • Dual wheels for excellent visibility.
  • Wide, maneuverable decks.


  • Ballast tanks extend tankage and boost upwind performance.
  • Retractable centerboard delivers access to shallow harbors and enables you to beach the yacht.
  • Dual rudders for stability, steering responsiveness, and beach-ability.
  • S-Drive motor is lower maintenance, quiet, and responsive under power.


  • Twin seat navigation station – so you both can chart the course.
  • Multiple cabin configurations fit your style.
  • Many customizable options.
  • Sleek and elegant, inside and out.



  • High capacity water and fuel tanks extend your cruising range.
  • Copious storage for all the necessities and toys.
  • Large sail locker increases your options while keeping the cabin clear.
  • Solar panels integrated into the design, not a bolted on afterthought.


  • Composite topsides enhance insulation and lead to beautiful, fluid lines.
  • Rounded aluminum hull is sleek and stylish.
  • Light, bright, and inviting interior spaces.

Purpose Built

Allures Yachting was founded by sailors who, perhaps like you, discovered that selecting an ocean-going yacht involved compromises they were unwilling to make. After interviewing sailors around the globe, some famous, many not, they took their concept to the yacht design firm of Berret-Racoupeau. The founders next partnered with the shipyard of Outremer, specializing in the production of fast catamarans, and Garcia, specializing in the construction of aluminum blue water vessels. Together, they are building a line of ocean-going yachts that are: safe in all conditions, high performance, a joy to sail, adaptable to all moorings, comfortable, user-friendly, and elegant inside and out. We think they have succeeded.

By bringing together the best design and boat construction professionals available, Allures Yachting is able to build yachts of the highest quality, in a world-class yard, and with tight control over manufacturing and delivery.

Explore the line. Read some of the recent press on these yachts. Contact Swiftsure Yachts to arrange your viewing. And get ready to be impressed.


“I am extremely impressed with the Allures product,” says Swiftsure partner Ryan Helling who visited the Allures Yachting facility in Cherbourg, France in January 2013. “The entire operation is top-notch. The quality of the aluminum hulls is phenomenal and they are very well configured for long term cruising. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the operation is the level of detail the yard goes to in preparing for the build – each boat is completely drawn in 3D, complete with options. This is a valuable resource for the build team and the owners who are provided with detailed schematics. I believe Allures has some fresh ideas and is committed to doing it right.”