Rua Hatu – Vancouver 36 buy metronidazole Back in the day there were many sailors and dreamers around the country that wanted to experience the adventures of cruising but there weren’t many affordable choices of boats. So, being the resourceful young Americans that we were, we built one. Soon designers and builders sprung up around the country hoping to make things easier by providing fiberglass hulls and decks. Some of these designs became popular for the voyages they made, many never got completed. You’ll recognize some of the brand names that became popular like Westsail, Pacific Seacraft, Searunner and Vancouver.

click here RUA HATU came from designer Robert Harris (long time employee of Sparkman & Stephens) and was profiled in Yachting magazine in March 1979. Her hull, deck and roughed out interior were built in Sarasota Florida and trucked to CA for completion. Much of the finish work is done in redwood. Like many owner built boats it took awhile. So although she is listed as 1981 hull, she’s had limited sailing time. She’s been to Mexico and back but that is the limit of her ocean sailing. She’s ready for the next adventurer to take the plunge. Her equipment is all there, including a new engine with 486 hours on her. Her sails are in good condition and she’s been recently hauled. If you think you’d like to cross an ocean come over to Bainbridge Island and take a look at  buy azithromycin RUA HATU, she might just be the girl of your dreams.


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Year 1981
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