Outlier – Admiralty 30

The Admiralty 30  is designed with one over-riding ambition in mind, to provide maximum speed, stability and optimum performance with minimum complexity.

The design philosophy is all about simplicity and perfecting the sailing essentials, namely the hull, rig and keel. This racer/daysailer can be managed with a short-handed crew or even with one man crew easily.

With its combination of light displacement and lifting keel and rudder, this racer can be easily launched at a ramp and recovered after an enjoyable day of sailing . Another remarkable feature of the Admiralty 30 is that it has low operating cost and it requires almost no maintenance.

For someone looking to race on a competitive basis easily matching and exceeding speeds of boats much larger, this boat is worth checking out. Outlier is well suited for racing in the lighter winds and flat water of the Pacific Northwest. Capable of reaching speeds well into the teens, the fun awaits!

Full Specifications Here

Admiralty 30 — Torvar Mirsky testing the worlds craziest 30-footer – YouTube Video

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