Moana – Outremer 5X

click here Cruising the South Pacific on a performance cruising catamaran with one’s family and friends is the stuff of dreams.  Reality is not far away for those with the desire, means and conviction. Pack some clothes, book plane tickets and board that direct flight from LAX to Papeete. Your children, grand-children and friends will all thank you for providing them with such an amazing experience and quality family time.

click here MOANA, hull No. 2 of the respected Outremer 5X series, is fully outfitted, optimized and positioned for a family cruising sabbatical. Her owners and their children have crossed the Atlantic and Pacific and have since cruised seasonally in the South Pacific. Repairs and updates have been carried out at the best shipyards in New Zealand and Australia to keep MOANA in top form.

can you buy azithromycin over the counter MOANA is outfitted to be owner-maintained and operated. A white vs. dark hull, fixed vs. rotating carbon mast, huge solar array vs. genset, single helm vs. twin with Morse cable vs. electronic engine controls, and long-life HydraNet vs. laminated/molded sails were wisely selected for reliability and ease of maintenance. This does not by any means imply “roughing it.” MOANA has four large cabins and two heads, a huge cockpit for dining and entertaining, clothes washer, watermaker, entertainment and worldwide communications electronics, dive compressor, and all the tools, documentation, and spares needed to keep everything working.

Simply arrive with your crew and gear, and sail away!



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Year 2012
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