Barracuda X – Chris White Designs Atlantic 47 Mastfoil

order amoxicillin Brilliant hull and rig design for this Awloplast-built performance cruising catamaran. The interior and cockpit space of this Atlantic 47 rivals much larger models. The revolutionary Mastfoil rig greatly ease sailhandling while lowering the center of effort and improving safety with minimal if any loss of performance. This boat couldn’t be easier or safer to sail from her forward cockpit. Construction and finish details are superb combining lightweight foam coring with a melding of wood veneers and white surfaces perfectly balancing elegance, functionality and ease of upkeep. Barracuda X is now berthed at our Lake Union docks in the heart of Seattle along with the Atlantic 48 You Nevva Know.  What a great opportunity to glimpse two of these exceptional world cruising catamarans.

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Barracuda X 2013
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