Outremer Catamarans

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Go fast. Go far. Set yourself free.

Outremer 4X:Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.23.01 AM

Allow us to introduce you to the newest Outremer catamaran, which builds on the company’s long lineage of designing and building fast and capable offshore boats. The Outremer 4X is a sportier, slightly longer version of the new Outremer 45. With three feet of additional length, slightly reverse bows, a carbon fiber mast and carbon fiber bulkheads, the 4X is sure to be a true performer whether cruising across oceans or around the islands.

azithromycin OTC Architects: Barreau/Neauman
click here Design Consultant: Patrick le Quement
http://amoxicillin-otc.com/ antibiotic amoxicillin over the counter Interior Designer: Franck Darnet Design
Waterline length: 48 ft
Beam: 23′ 4″
Draft: 3′ 4″ – 6′ 6″
Bridgedeck clearance: 2′ 6″
Mast height: 57′ 5″
Air draft: 66′ 11″
Displacement: 8.2 T
Sail plan: Mainsail – 68 m2/ Genoa – 55 m2/ Gennaker – 115 m2 (optional)/ Spinnaker – 130 m2 (optional)
CE certification: Cat A / 8 p
Engines: 2 x Volvo D1-30

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Outremer 45: 

Outremer 45

Little sister to the Outremer 51 and 5X, the Outremer 45 shares the key values of seaworthiness, performance, maneuverability, and simplicity. It has been designed for long distance sailing by couples or families.
A world class design team includes Barreau-Neuman for the naval architecture, Frank Darnet Design for the interior design, and the deft hand of Patrick le Quement for the overall design cohesiveness.

Architects: Barreau / F. Neuman

Design Consultant: Patrick le Quement

Interior Design: Franck Darnet Design

Length : 45’2”

Beam : 23’3”

Min Draft:  3’3”

Max Draft: 6’6”

Displacement: 8.7 T

Bridgedeck  Clearance  2’7”

Mast Clearance: 66’11”

Mast Height: 57’4”

Mainsail: 743 sq.ft

Self-tacking Jib: 441 sq.ft

Spinnaker (option): 1292 sq.ft.

Gennaker (option): 969 sq.ft

Engines: 2 x Volvo 30 HP

Fuel cap: 88 gal

Water cap:  118 gal

EC Approval: Pending Offshore Category A

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Outremer 51: 

O51 towing wakeboard

Outremer 51 at speed

After more than 23 units produced in three years, the 51 replaces the 49 in 2013.  New exterior & interior design, sterns lengthened and functional changes, this is the 51. The first will be launched in June 2013. It keeps the seaworthiness qulity of the 49 with a more modern and dynamic near 5X, signed Patrick le Quément and also Franck Darnet Design.

Architect:  Barreau – Neuman
Designer:  Franck Darnet Design

Length:  15,27 m
Width:  7.45 m
Draft:  0.90 / 2.35 m
Displacement:  9,9 T
Main sail:  92.50 m2
Solent:  40 m2
Gennaker:  110 m2
Spinnaker:  150 m2
High seas category:  6/8 persons
Costal category:  8/10 persons
Air draft:  23.08 m
Engines:  2 x 39 CV

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Outremer 5X: 

Outremer 5X

As a result of extensive collaboration with top experts in the field of naval architecture, Outremer Yachting has created the ultimate long-range cruising catamaran and their newest flagship yacht….the 5X. Confirming her rightful place at the top, the Outremer 5X has won European Yacht of the Year for 2013 and Cruising World’s Best Multihull over 50Ft for 2014.

The 5X is unlike any other large performance catamaran on the market. At a length of just under 60ft and a width of nearly 29 feet, the Outremer 5X  is a fast, powerful, and seaworthy yacht with finely finished cabinetwork, spacious accommodations and with excellent payload carrying ability.

Architect:  VPLP
Designer:  Franck Darnet/Patrick Le Quément

Length:  17.98 m
Width:  8.58 m
Draft:  1.20 – 2.65 m
Displacement:  13.1 / 15 T
Mast hight:  23.60 m
Main sail:  127 m2
Solent:  59 m2
Gennaker:  175 m2
Spinnaker:  243 m2
High seas category:  8 persons
Costal category:  30 persons
Air draft:  26.50 m
Engines:  2 x 54 CV


The Concept:

Outremer – (pronounced OO-Tra-Mare) – Definition: Overseas or Foreign Lands

As embodied in the company name, Outremer Yachts are designed for people who go places. The design concept is:

To design and build catamarans that are seaworthy, fast and simple

To customize each boat to complement the way each owner sails and lives on board.

Go fast. Go far. Set yourself free.

Seaworthy means:

To be safe. Safety is a result of the quality of the design and consistency of manufacture of our yachts.

To have peace of mind to enjoy a free and easy life aboard, for both short and longer stays. Old and young alike gain immediate pleasure from making the space their own on board an Outremer….comfortable and worry-free.

To be free to go anywhere. An Outremer is a seaworthy boat which can take on the challenges of the open ocean, giving you the security to explore.

Simplicity means:

  • To have a boat without complicated systems, designed with easy-of-maintenance as a top priority.
  • To make life onboard as simple as possible. Years of research and development and feedback from our owners have made Outremer systems to be easily and economically maintained anywhere in the world.

Fast means:

  • To bring a source of pleasure for everyone on board. It is the very essence of sailing.
  • To use speed to enhance both safety and comfort. The average speed our boats allow us to avoid adverse weather systems, to maneuver in all conditions, and to reach your destinations faster than slower boats.