Andy Cross

Andy Cross

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where can i get metronidazole otc Andy Cross learned to sail as a child in Michigan with his family; racing, daysailing and cruising with his grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles and friends. When he was 19, he made his first offshore passage, which set him on a course into the sailing industry that continues to this day.

After college in Oregon and then Florida, Andy earned a U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license and worked as an instructor and manager at Offshore Sailing School for six years in Florida, the Bahamas, Caribbean and anywhere else they asked him to go. Teaching every class the school offered, he learned fast and honed his cruising, racing and teaching skills while sailing a variety of boats.

From there, Andy moved to the Pacific Northwest with his wife Jill and into a career as a writer and editor in the sailing industry. In this capacity he has stayed at the forefront of yachting design news and has test sailed many new and brokerage vessels.

He and Jill bought a 1984 Grand Soleil 39 in Seattle in 2012 that they named Yahtzee, and have been cruising, racing and raising a family aboard throughout the Salish Sea, Inside Passage and Alaska ever since. They are currently docked in Seward, Alaska after sailing there on a voyage during the summer of 2017. You can follow their adventures antibiotic azithromycin OTC here. Along with sailing Yahtzee, Andy loves racing any boat he can get on, skippering deliveries and teaching sailing classes when possible.