Meet the incomparable Pacific Seacraft 31

Meet the incomparable Pacific Seacraft 31 order azithromycin over the counter Pacific Seacraft yachts have long been known for their high build quality and sea-kindly demeanor offshore. Designed by William Crealock, models ranging from 31 to 44 feet have been coveted by world cruisers for decades — and it’s easy to see why.

Accordingly, the Pacific Seacraft 31 has become one of those timeless classics that, ever since it began production in 1987, has been unique to the PS line. Designed and built with a reverse transom instead of the canoe stern of her larger sisterships, the 31 sticks out in the world of compact cruisers for a variety of notable reasons.

metronidazole buy now Here are several features on the Pacific Seacraft 31 Starfish that we find particularly special:

First is the boat’s layout down below. While many vessels in this size range can seem confining and cave-like, Crealock rightly chose to go with an open layout that makes the boat feel larger and more comfortable. Stepping down below, the first thing one might notice is the lack of a bulkhead separating the main salon and V-berth, which really makes the boat feel roomy. Aft of the companionway is a large bunk that is also open to the boat, again relieving her occupants of that confined, sometimes claustrophobic feeling. And a white headliner, plenty of ports and an overhead hatch are enough to keep things light and bright.

One of the features we find most innovative on the PS 31 is the standup chart table that doubles as a refrigerator. With space at a premium, this is the perfect way to keep things functional yet uncompromising in the comfort department. Fold out cabinets for nav tools and charts below complete this unique space.

One thing missing on many boats in this size range is proper ground tackle and the setup to house it. Not so on the PS 31. A stout stainless steel bowsprit houses two CQR anchors and the forestay. This type of rugged build and outfitting is not only a hallmark of Pacific Seacraft, but is something many consider essential for the world cruising.

And of course, the aforementioned departure from the canoe stern. The reverse transom on the 31 allows for more volume down below and in the cockpit, which, on a 31-foot boat is much appreciated. It also provides form aft to slightly increase waterline length and keep her comfortable in a seaway.

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