Garcia unveils latest changes with the GE45v2

Garcia unveils latest changes with the GE45v2 amoxicillin buy now Garcia Yachting has done it yet again. Taking input from owners and refining their boats based on other models is one of the boatbuilder’s hallmarks, and they’ve made some changes to the Exploration 45 that truly make the boat better and more sailor friendly. Here’s a look at just a few of the latest upgrades from the first Garcia Exploration 45v2 (version 2).

azithromycin Based on the success and functionality of the hard dodger on the GE52, they’ve gone ahead and added windows to the 45 for better visibility from the helms and cockpit. For those who have sailed the previous model GE45, this is a welcome addition for the helmsman and crew. generic metronidazole over the counter

The galley got a slight makeover with option for additional counter space and a side-by-side microwave and freeze over a crew berth. Also an option is a new, easier to clean electric stovetop, which adds to the elegance of this ergonomic space.

The technical room on the Exploration series boats is always a highlight, and this highly customizable space is improved upon by the addition of a workbench, storage space underneath and aft, and easy access to the optional genset, washer-dryer and inverter.

Not pictured are further refinements including improved engine access, sail locker access and increased space in the main salon.

To find out more about the new Garcia Exploration 45v2 and its various upgrades and improvements, contact Swiftsure Yachts here.