Garcia Trawler 54

Garcia YachtingGarcia Trawler 54



where can i get metronidazole over the counter Naval Architect: Guy Saillard
Designer: Franck Darnet/Patrick le Quement
Overall Length:  56’4″
Hull Length:  54’1″
Waterline: 52’2″
Beam: 16’1″
Draft:  5’5″
Air draft: 14’8″/19’7″
Displacement: 57,300 light/70,500 laden
Engine:  Caterpillar 3056 DITA, 185 CV/138KW at 2,100 RPM
Maximum speed: 11 knots
Cruising speed: 8 knots
Range at cruising speed: 3,500 nm
Diesel Tank: 1,370 gallons
Water tank:  142 gallons
Holding tank: 53 gallons

Heavy duty Porpulsion

The 3056 Caterpillar engine is designed for professional marine applications such as commercial transport or deep-sea fishing. This engine is made for continuous use to ensure trouble-free ocean passages. Since it operates at low load, the engine is particularly quiet, economical, reliable and easy to maintain. Designed to run for at least 20,000 hours, your engine will easily take you six times around the world!

Take me home engine

The single-engine configuration is the one which offers the best fuel efficiency and moderate consumption per distance covered. The propeller has been located amidships to ensure it is always submerged and fully operational whatever the sea state. For this reason, this type of propulsion system is fitted on most deep-water fishing boats and their reliability is guaranteed by their heavy-duty classification. However, to ensure your safety in the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown, we offer to fit a backup engine, lighter than the main e ngine. This way, you get the best of two configurations: the performance of a single-engine propulsion system with a redundant setup.

Tailor made propeller

On the basis of data obtained from trials in a virtual testing tank, we have created a propeller specifically designed to optimise performance. The propellers are individually built by specialists in New Zealand; their efficiency has been improved by 36%, the fuel consumption being therefore greatly reduced.

Optimised hull shape

Naval architect, Guy Saillard, has applied his vast experience in designing trawlers, to design the hull lines to carry a full load of 32 tonnes, while reducing drag and fuel consumption to a minimum. The long keel offers stability and manoeuvrability. The antiroll hull strakes ensure comfort at sea and at anchor.