Garcia Exploration 45 shines in Annapolis!

antibiotic azithromycin over the counter That’s a wrap on another U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis! The weather was absolutely fantastic and we had what felt like a record number of visitors through our show boat, Pete and Tracey Goss’s Exploration 45 PEARL OF PENZANCE.

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where can i get metronidazole otc It was a pleasure to spend the time with the incredible duo Pete and Tracey who have nothing but fantastic things to say about PEARL after cruising  from France to the Caribbean and up the US East Coast this summer. Many stories were shared, but my favorite is hearing of PEARL surfing off at 17 knots under autopilot while Pete and Tracey comfortable ate dinner in the cockpit on their Atlantic crossing. Pete is obviously very comfortable with these speeds but it really shows how safe, comfortable and incredibly well suited the centerboard arrangement is for trade wind cruising.

A safe, comfortable and protected cockpit is a hallmark of the Expedition 45.

We enjoyed some great test sailing following the show (see video below). A big thanks to Pete and Tracey and also to Julian and Patricia Morgan, owners of the Allures 45.9 A CAPELLA OF BELFAST, who were very gracious in allowing us to show their beautiful yachts to a number of prospects during the show.

Annapolis in October is a pretty exciting place with many cruisers heading South for the winter and we enjoyed catching up with a few other Allures & Garcia owners who were in town. We’ll hope to see you at the show next year!