Allures 45

Allures 45



visit website Length overall : 13.98 m

order metronidazole over the counter Length at waterline : 12,35 m order azithromycin Maximum beam :  4.43 m
Draught when centerboard down:  3.00 m
Draught when centerboard up : 1,05 m
Lightship displacement :  11,8 t
Ballast weight :  4.3 t
Water tank : (approx.) 365l + 185l
Fuel tank : (approx.) 275l + 275l
Rig type : 9/10
I : 17,33 m
J : 5.03 m
P : 16.67 m
E : 5.47 m
EC certification: A category
Architect : Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design
Designer : Franck Darnet Design

Form, Fit, and Function

In the manufacturing industry, one refers to an item’s form, fit, and function to describe how well the item meets its specifications. Yachts too, can be measured in term of form, fit, and function, and on that measure the Allures 45 is near perfection. Here is a vessel with equal shares of beauty, performance, and safety.

Purpose-built to sail the world’s oceans, this aluminum hulled, lifting keel yacht is the culmination of extensive research, the latest nautical science, world-known designers, and skilled craftsmen.


Built for Blue Water

The Allures 45 boasts high capacity water and fuel tanks, a large sail-locker, integrated solar panels, a mechanical-locker, and a waterproof bulkhead – all attributes that contribute to maximum autonomy and safety on an ocean going yacht.

The wide, easily driven hull, profiled twin rudders, and modern powerful rig all make for faster, more comfortable, and safer passages. Twin wheels provide a high degree of visibility on either tack. Wide decks and a generous foredeck space provide for safe maneuvering, even in a seaway. Generous cockpit lockers corral the inevitable array of toys and necessities. The cockpit is large and well protected, and provides ready access to the sail controls.

Below decks, the ergonomic cabin is safe, practical, uncluttered, and perfectly suited to a life at sea. A gourmet galley and separate shower stall make life aboard a pleasure. Three interior layouts are available, and the modular design allows for a high degree of customization within those layouts.

World Cruiser

This is an extraordinarily well-thought out boat, built to the highest standards, and executed with skill and precision. If you are in the market for a capable world cruiser that is both elegant and strong, the Allures 45 is worthy of your inspection. Contact Swiftsure Yachts to learn more about the Allures line.