Allures 45.9 nominated for Cruising World magazine's 'Cruising Boat of the Year'

Allures 45.9 nominated for Cruising World magazine’s ‘Cruising Boat of the Year’

Our show horse in her stall at the show.

The United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland has come to a close, and with it, the judging for Cruising World magazine’s “2018 Boat of the Year” competition. Swiftsure Yachts was happy to have the new Allures 45.9 that we represented at the show nominated in the category of “Cruising Boat of the Year.”

The editors at Cruising World nominated new boats and selected judges to inspect them at the dock and under sail during and after the show, which took place from October 5-9.

A judge walks the deck of the 45.9.

“No one else puts the fleet of new boats through their paces during dockside inspections and on-the-water testing,” said Herb McCormick, Cruising World executive editor and Boat of the Year director. “This year’s group of more than two-dozen nominees will face a rigorous examination from our independent panel of judges.”

Cruising World’s Herb McCormick takes a turn at the helm.

Cruising World judges focus on production boats laid out and equipped for coastal and offshore sailing and voyaging, and we’d contend that the Allures 45.9 is adept in all these fazes of sailing and more. Now we wait to see what they they think!